Facts About Apollo 11

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Apollo 11?

Being a kid in the 60’s, space was all we could think about. Today, a new generation of astronauts and even the promise of space travel for anyone that can afford it is just on the horizon. But what was it like for the first astronauts to land on the moon on their historic flight? The real history may surprise you.

  • The Apollo’s Saturn rockets were packed with enough fuel to throw 100-pound shrapnel three miles.
  • NASA couldn’t rule out the possibility that they might explode on takeoff.
  • The Apollo computers had less processing power than a cellphone.
  • And Neil Armstrong may not have flubbed his line after all.

Neil Armstrong says he said it, but it works anyway

When Neil Armstrong made the first step onto the moon’s surface, he had a prepared line… and it sounded like he messed it up. He said, “One small step for man,” but he was supposed to say, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” The poor audio quality just seems to clip it out so it was not heard.

That iconic American flag planted by the astronauts may be long gone

No one can forget those amazing color images of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin standing next to the very first American flag planted on the surface of the moon. Pure chills, right?

Unfortunately, just as the astronauts lifted off from the lunar surface, Buzz Aldrin saw the flag knocked over by the module’s thrusters. It is believed to be long disintegrated.

Ew what’s that smell?

Apparently, being encased in extremely tight quarters during an 8 day mission wasn’t rough enough. The astronauts water was laced with hydrogen causing bubbles making for a very fizzy concoction with the side effect of discomfort in the lower bowel. The resulting pervasive flatulence and a smell described as a mixture of “wet dog and marsh gas”.

What does the moon smell like?

When the astronauts came in from playing on the moon’s surface, there was a distinct smell from the space dust. Aldrin described it as “a pungent metallic smell, something like gunpowder, or the smell in the air after a firecracker has gone off.”

Would you take a trip to the moon?

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